We are sons and daughters of the Protestant Reformation begun in the 16th century by a German Roman Catholic Priest named Martin Luther, and as Christians of this heritage we believe:

  • Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings
  • The Word of God is Truth
  • We are all sinners and need God’s saving Grace (that means you and me too!)
  • Jesus came and died in our place and then rose from the dead to save us from those sins!
  • It’s all about Jesus, there is no other Way!
  • We are committed to the concept of the Priesthood of All Believers – we are all ministers to each other.  God has chosen flawed clay vessels to bear His Word to all the world.
  • We celebrate the gifts and talents of all of God’s children – God makes no distinction between men and women in giving them these gifts, we make no distinction in encouraging the exercise of them in His service.

and all this is done without any help from us!  We confess that we are by our very nature sinful and don’t even possess the ability to choose to call upon Jesus for help.  We come to him and lay all our cares at the foot of the Cross because we are called through a Faith that has been freely given to us by the Holy Spirit.